Approaching Metaphysics Part 1

Before one techniques severely the look at of metaphysics, magick, the occult, or mysticism, it’s far appropriate that one prepares oneself on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is of important significance that the scholar be psychologically prepared for the reception of Cosmic truths; for with out ok instruction, with out the required purity, the right attitude and the proper reason, one definitely deludes or sidetracks oneself from all that that’s important in occult have a look at to those phenomena and teachings which might be unessential, delusive, and deceptive; to phenomena that truly fortify one’s maintain in a global of illusion, glamour, satisfaction and ego; aside from this, have to one strive occult paintings without due training one exposes oneself to sure dangers which are a long way-reaching. Without good enough education the student would abuse and misuse occult, spiritual teachings and powers.

The karmic results of this abuse might also stall or motive stagnation in a single’s non secular evolution for endless incarnations. Basically, religion without the theological dogmas, is the suitable basis for the observe of metaphysics. Students of metaphysics are cautioned to deepen their religious sports through undertaking personal take a look at in their scriptures or holy e book without relying on the standard channels or interpreters for clarification. This is to maintain one’s bicameral mind from external influence and dependency on “authority figures” that can be adverse to the psyche in the end.

Purity, sincerity, humility, and a selfless purpose which seeks to serve one’s fellow guys are qualities to own or expand while asking for from, or reading the lessons of a spiritual/ metaphysical instructor, or even while embarking on our very own by means of studying books on the occult. These traits or virtues are our shield. They guard us from poor forces which affect our intellectual and emotional balance.

One of the keys to instruction is to eliminate the fake ego from our thinking and centeredness. Think from the Christ level. Think the thoughts of Jesus, Muhammad-the Prophet, Krishna, Lao Tze, or Buddha. What do you observed those avatars and prophets of God think continuously of? They consider God, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Therefore we recommend every pupil to do likewise. Thinking summary mind, divine mind, religious thoughts, and holy thoughts increases the vibrations of the bodily, etheric, astral and mental bodies. This allows metaphysical and religious development so wanted by the human race. It improves the exceptional of humanity.

One of the troubles which poses as an obstacle to metaphysical crystals occult and metaphysical study is that of the crystallized thoughts. As a training, step one that needs to be undertaken by means of the scholar of metaphysics and the occult is to temporary put away all previous standards and ideals concerning them. There are many false beliefs and superstition regarding the occult perpetuated through ignorant individuals, by means of psychics of a low caliber, by secular schooling, or even by using faith, that we need to solid all of those beliefs aside and prepare our minds to honestly suppose and use our reason and intuition. Even if we had learnt metaphysics or branches of it previously from authentic instructors, it is still required people to shelve them aside when we begin our apprenticeship under a brand new train.

Our minds should be open and receptive to the teachings of the better worlds, however if our minds are closed and crystallized, we fail to sign up the truths concealed in occult and metaphysical teachings concerning the legal guidelines of the cosmos, the higher worlds, the principles of thoughts and one’s psychic nature. If the lessons of any metaphysical gadget or teacher (together with this writer) contradict your personal notions and emotions and you’ve trouble accepting them, truely shelve them apart in the meanwhile and recollect them again at a later date when you have obtained more stories and information. Realize, but, that maximum of the time evaluations and ideals do now not mirror Truth. We educate what we personally recognize or what others individually know. We do now not proselytize or impose our phrases upon others towards their will. We are glad to provide to others the teachings of the Spiritual Masters need to they be receptive and simply as satisfied now not to offer have to they be non-receptive. We can lead a horse to a drinking trough but we are unable to make it drink.

Granted, that data concerning the occult the tyro or neophyte often has to regard as speculation, or working theories, however in time the student is given techniques for investigating and proving to himself the verities of metaphysical truths and the realities of the better worlds.

We are looking for understanding, wisdom, and experience–now not mere beliefs. For the pupil of Nature’s mysteries, ideals will now not do. Beliefs are blatant expressions of one’s lack of knowledge, for if one knows, why is there a need for beliefs? If one need to say that one believes in the life of something, one implies in that declaration that one does no longer truly recognise if that some thing exists. Belief and understanding are poles aside.

In non secular and occult schooling one invokes extreme energies, powers and forces emanating from the non secular worlds. These energies circulate the complete microcosm even down to the bodily level. Should the physical body and its pressure-field vibrate at a totally low degree because of the presence of impurities, pollutants, and negative forces, the fearful and power structures of the physical and etheric bodies might explode and rupture throughout the influx of those better energies. This is one motive why one embarks upon the Path of Purification prior to engaging in advance occult work.